Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's Over

Vacation is over. It isn't bad staying home. I got lots accomplished and got to play tourist in my own city.

Accomplishments: Two big seders, blood donation, much needed medical appointment, hair cut, tutored calculus kids, tutored friend's son, three movies, one Broadway show, shopped, toured lower Manhattan, toured upper East side, saw friends, spent time with my dad, spent time with my husband, spent time irritating my son, cooked, blogged, read, took lots of pictures, slept past 5:30 AM, made up two exams and marked papers.

Things I should have accomplished: Lesson plans, marking a few more papers and way more cleaning than I did.

I don't have the pocketbook or the body to support any of these but its fun to take pictures and make believe. I took these pictures while strolling down Madison Ave.

I wish I could wear this...

or this...

or this--it would make a good statement if I ever get invited to the school prom again.

I really love this one. Too bad it wouldn't love me back.
I don't think so, even if I had the body and money.

I can see myself in these, sitting outside the cafeteria tutoring my students.

(I need a tiara--I want so much to be the queen!)

These earring would look so great with chalk.

Everyone needs a sterling silver bicycle.

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