Monday, April 20, 2009

My Kind Of Honor

-------- Official says honorary toilet a bit much ---------

GNOSJO, Sweden - An official in the Swedish town of Gnosjo
says a municipality tradition of honoring an employee's
25 years of service went too far with a toilet purchase.
Stefan Nilsson, Gnosjo human resources head, said the town
should change its practice of allowing employees to choose
any item worth as much as the traditional gold watch in
honor of 25 years of faithful service, The Local said
Friday. "I, and many like me, think that the purpose (of
the loose policy) has gotten a little out of hand," Nilsson
said. The local official was reacting to an unidentified
Gnosjo employee's decision to purchase a new toilet for
himself on his employment anniversary. For Nilsson, the
concept of a loyal employee thinking of Gnosjo while using
the bathroom item is not a palatable idea. "A memorial
gift should be something you remember," he told the Local.
"Is someone supposed to sit on a new toilet and think back
on their years with Gnosjo municipality?" For future
honorary gifts, Nilsson suggests necklaces, bracelets or
even a nice crystal vase.

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