Monday, December 20, 2010

Wishful Thinking

A colleague in another department told me the senior teachers in his department always teach the honor classes as they are most qualified because they have the most experience.   My AP used to agree with that sentiment and then I became a senior teacher.  He doesn't agree anymore.  I wish I taught in his department.


Anonymous said...

I have a problem with pasting links on the comment section when using Firefox, so I will just tell you I posted a link on an article about students going to community college in NYC need remediation over at SUPPORT.

I posted a comment up to the writer trying to paraphrase the things you have been saying about seat credit etc. But it doesn't come close to the things you have been saying for years!!!

Bottom line--pundits should read your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Rotation is what the contract called for. I know, I know, it doesn't happen in lots of places. But there's fairness in rotation that just doesn't exist when the AP gets full discretion, or when teachers make their own side-deals.

As a practical matter, at least in math, the lowest level classes are the toughest to teach. I wish we didn't always have the greenest teachers teaching them (and if we actually had rotation and did not have astronomical turnover rates, we might actually have a few more experienced teachers teaching the neediest kids).

Which is to say, in part, I appreciate reading about your algebras and geometrys. Those kids are (have been) lucky.