Wednesday, December 01, 2010

E-mail From A Fellow Blogger

It's happening all over, not just at Packemin and not just in NYC.  I got this e-mail from a fellow blogger and asked if I could post it for her.  I figured it would not only relieve her stress but would help show the problems teachers face are the same everywhere. 

The principal came in to observe my repeater class  on Monday.  We were doing a review and the kids were not engaged.   They think they can pass and turn in blank test papers.....

Afterward he told me I am always angry and people are afraid of me.He said  that I have gotten mad and stormed out of several collaboration meetings.  Um, I haven't stormed out of any.  Now I have left several morning meetings (irritated) when the bell rang and the kids came.....  That must be it, but it sounds better the other way (thank you, Ms. XXX- who I know who would have made a comment like that - she wants to make herself look better by having everyone else  look like slime).

Basically, I am slime and cannot teach.

Never mind that the person the principal keeps quoting has never been able to help us teach high school math.....
This teacher teaches kids that alternate between being in jail and being in school.  Many of the females who are not in jail are pregnant.  Her lot is not easy and no one seems to want to help or even care.  All they seem to want to do is pass blame.

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