Friday, December 24, 2010


When word came down that school officials would bar the performance of a student play set to perform at Jamaica High School, I was -- as their teacher -- charged with delivering the sad news. Huddled around an old wooden table in the school's library, the young cast reacted with a range of emotions. Some felt despair over the lack of power they seemed to have, others, a deep sense of outrage at not being consulted about the decision.

Read the rest of this post about how far the city will go in trying to hide school inequities and their lust for closing small schools here, eloquently told by Brian Pickett, a teacher at that school.  This is a story that needs to be shared.  Not only is Bloomberg destroying our schools, he is destroying the freedom of free speech.


Anonymous said...

I actually started reading the play. Its excellent. The students who came up with the idea and wrote the lines are really paying attention to city education.

The script is worth the read. I think its connected to the Washington Post.

Anonymous said...

The link for anyone else who wants to read the script.

Its excellent!