Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Confidentiality Not Guaranteed

I guess I am kind of naive but when a counselor or psychologist asks me to fill out a form evaluating one of my students, I expect that form will not be read to that student or end up in that student's hands.  I found out today that is absolutely not true and that it is common practice for these forms to be discussed and even read from at some conferences.

So, a word of warning to all.  Be careful about what you write.  You never know how a student might react to a comment you may think is harmless.  I know I will choose my words with much more care from now on.


teachme2 said...

Thank you for the caveat. I had no idea that these were shown to the students either!

Anonymous said...

If you have never been part of these meetings I envy you! When a student is present Dr Suit holds no punches. I often wonder how a general education student would take hearing that his reading level in not on grade level or his math scores reveal that he cannot add basic math conputations(Many general education students are not identified nor will their parents sign off on special education services). It is hard for anyone to hear what areas they are weak in let alone a CHILD who has heard these things all his/her life. Dr Suit reads everything word for word, so, yes, please don't hurt another child with your words.