Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Last year, Kathy did not do well in math.  This year, she turned herself around, has been getting 90's and even helping others in the class.  Her family was thrilled at her progress.  I submitted her name for Student Of The Month as I knew seeing herself on that board would do wonders for her self esteem.

Immediately after her picture went up, her grades started going down.  She not only stopped helping others, she started distracting them with her constant chatter.  I warned her that if she did not change her behavior, I would call home.  All of her sudden, Kathy raised her hand and the following conversation took place.

Kathy: Ms, can I talk to you outside.
Me:  [Thinking Kathy would have a viable excuse for her behavior]:  Sure
Kathy:  Ms, I know you will probably not be here next year and I was reading stuff about getting ready for college, so I wanted to ask you to write my college recommendation now.
Me:  You've got to be kidding.  You've done nothing but disrupt for the past week.  You failed the last test and you aren't doing homework on a regular basis.
Kathy:  So, will you write it?
Me:  Just go back inside and get to work.

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