Friday, December 10, 2010

Sports Helps Academics

One of my algebra kids is a basketball player.  Marilyn Shevell, principal of Van Buren wants to do away with sports in an effort to improve grades, but basketball is the one thing helping my student succeed.  What Ms. Shevell doesn't realize that sports are sometimes the key to success.  Without passing grades, my student cannot play so she started working, she's learning and she's passing.  I promised to attend one of her games and today was the day.  Unfortunately, she did not get to play today, but I know she was thrilled to see me there cheering for her team.


Sandra said...

Since when does doing away with athletics improve anything????
Good for you, you actually give a crap!

Chaz said...

When Marilyn Shevell was an AP in my school she used to encourage the students to join sports and clubs as a way for them to stay in school. Now as a Principal, she has certainly changed her position.

Anonymous said...

This article got over 1,000 hits and lots of comments on SUPPORT. This is just plain old crazy!!