Saturday, January 24, 2009

To The Teachers Who Molded Me

A special thank you to some of the teachers I have had. You gave so much more than academics. You helped me become the kind of teacher I wanted to be.

From JHS 113, in the Bronx

To Mr. O'Leary who took a whole bunch of us to Chinese restaurant for lunch in his little Volkswagon bug. He did not say a word when I ordered a lettuce and tomato sandwich.

From Evander Childs HS, also in the Bronx

To Mr. Josephs the English teacher who met with us in a neighborhood church during the teacher's strike in the 60's.

To Mrs. Nierenblatt, the economics teacher who invited us all to her fancy house in New Rochelle to celebrate our successes.

To Mr. Stohler, (I think I might have his name slightly wrong), the academic team's advisor who drove us there.

To Mrs. Palley who took us out to lunch to celebrate the perfect score we got on our regents exams.

To Mr. Sodicow, the ARISTA advisor and English teacher who claimed to hate us all but spent hours after school working on special projects with us.

I hope there will be a day when students will have these good memories of me and what I tried to do for them.

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Dawn said...

Did you notice? Most of the things the teachers did for you that you remembered didn't happen in school. Many of them didn't involve schoolish things.

Just thought that was neat and a testimony to teachers who step out of their "proper" roles.:)