Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snowy Day

The park--it looks like a planet in outer space.
Snow hitting my camera lens as I waited for the bus this morning.
The view of my street. It was pretty clean. I guess I could have driven. My four wheel drive car, the car I insisted I needed for snow days sits in the driveway whenever it snows. I am afraid to drive in it.
The guy cleaning the front of school. I love trucks. This is the job I aspire to.
Bench in our school courtyard. I just wanted to slide my tush across the fresh clean snow.
This tree looked so sad, bent over from the heavy snow.

Luckily the snow was not too bad. I was going to drive until I looked out this morning. I didn't feel like going through the day worrying about getting home when my school is a mere 20 minute, 2 bus ride away.

The snow looks so pretty but I hate it. I prefer these sandmen

to snowmen.


Chaz said...

Did they make a path to your trailer?

WriterRichO said...

Great post Pissed off!

Anonymous said...

So you would rather wait outside in freezing temps for a bus?? I mean 2 buses!!

I always took my car unless it was blizzard-like conditions. But we only go an inch or so. By car it takes 15 minutes to get to school. By mass transit, close to an hour but that includes the wait time.

I also lived in a 2-fare zone, so I would have to take the bus to the train, take 2 trains, than walk 5 blocks to the school. The walk wouldn't be so bad if people shoveled, but many don't so you are walking on ice.

So yes, I took my car even when it snowed.


Pissedoffteacher said...

I do prefer waiting for the bus. I'm lucky, my bus comes fairly often.

I am afraid to drive in the snow. I would rather wait in the cold than risk an accident.

Anonymous said...

On the days that driving was risky...I stayed home :)