Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I-Pods In Math

I was just about to tell Kevin to put away his I-pod, when I looked down and saw the graph of the function we were looking at on it. I did not know I-pods had this capability. He said that he downloaded a program with math applications and that is why he was able to do this.

Some days, I just love my job. I yelled at Kevin. "It's kids like you that are keeping me from retiring."


Kim Hughey said...

That's awesome! I just got an Ipod Touch for Christmas so I'm going to look into this application.

sandi said...

I didn't know it had this app either.

I love your comment to Kevin :)

Anonymous said...

Last night I was perusing the iTunes games store and found Kaplan sponsored/created games for the iPod to study ACT reading, writing and mathematics. I downloaded the math one for my 14 year to start working through - wonder how she'll enjoy it on the next long road trip? *evil grin*