Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Not the scrambled kind of eggs, the electronic grading kind.

Grades are due tomorrow and it took me twenty minutes to find an available computer to work on in school today.

The four computers in the library just don't cut the mustard for a school this size.

Thank you resource room teachers for allowing me to use yours.
(I did finish my grades before I wrote this post!)


appple said...

having worked at a school which utilized egg, and been the individual responsible for sending out and gathering egg files, i can speak from both sides of the dime when i say that they're far from a perfect online system, which as a tech person, i advocate, but i do say shame on packemin high for not providing every classroom with adequate technology for teachers, while holding them to unrealistic technology expectations. shame shame shame. somebody needs to get their priorities in place over there.

WriterRichO said...

Just literally finished mine. lol.

Pissedoffteacher said...

Don't get me wrong--I love using EG. There should be computers available for us to use at work.