Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wrench Needed?

Final exam night.  Bill arrived an hour late.  His calculator had dead batteries.  His only hope of passing the class is a decent grade on this exam.

He won't make it in college with this work ethic and he certainly won't make it as a plumber either.  Just imagine him showing up hours late to fix a leaky faucet and then needing to borrow a wrench because he left his home.

Way to go Bloomberg.  Your tenure as education mayor hasn't prepared anyone for a trade or college.

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The Bus Driver said...

Sadly this irresponsibility carries over into the local community college, not just where you live, but everywhere.

Where I am going to college, we have to complete these weekly "work ethic" lessons which basically are meant to teach proper work ethics like attendance, proper dress, cooperation... things that we all should have learned at home and growing up in school, but instead the college is having to try to teach people how to be ready for the work force!

For someone like me, the assignments are relatively easy, but when I sit down and look at some of the responses, I wonder how some of these people can pass the classes!

BTW - as an aside - Still earning a 4.0 gpa! :D