Monday, May 13, 2013

Self Preservation

Mrs Lui is a kind, caring teacher.  She spends hours of her own time helping her students and fighting for them.  And, while Mrs. Lui has more than enough years needed to retire, she has been hanging on She worries that when she leaves, no one will fight for "her kids." The AP is young, inexperienced and more concerned with statistics and looking good than with children.  The teenie bopper teachers, the ones will go along with everything she says.   The support staff which includes guidance, social workers and psychologists are busy covering their own rears and running their outside businesses.

Mrs. Lui has finally decided enough is enough.  The school is starting to affect her health.  She has been losing weight and has been unable to sleep at night.  She worries about the kids but has decided her health must come first.  Mrs. Lui will leave in June.  Her "lambs" will now be tossed to the wolves.  Actually, they have been tossed for a very long time.  She only managed to save a few.  She can't stand watching the children she loves being abused.

The first year will be hard.  She will miss them and feel the guilt of desertion.

Mrs. Lui, I promise you things get easier. You did a great job for many years.  It is now time to care for yourself.


Anonymous said...

There are many many Mrs. Lui's out there who are packing it in. I just feel sorry for those not so young teachers who are left behind!

Anonymous said...

There are young teachers and those with many years still left before retirement that do care. But since the '05 contract that took away their rights and the creation of the Rubber Room, teachers are too afraid.

I really think she will learn to enjoy retirement way before the year is up!!