Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day


My mom's goal in life was to be a good mother.  I never realized how good she was until I became an adult and met people with mothers who didn't do the things she did, the things I never thought about.

My mom loved me unconditionally.  She thought I was a genius.  She thought I was beautiful.  She thought I was the most special thing G-d ever created.  I never believed these things about myself but always tried to be the best I could to make her happy.

My mom wasn't perfect but, no one is perfect.  But, she was as close as you get to perfection.  As a child I didn't appreciate the two hour rides to City College that got me speech therapy.   I hated the rummaging around in Alexander's, finding that perfect bargain dress.  I hated her forcing me to drink that glass of milk every morning.  But, as an adult, I am grateful and thankful for all these things.  I've met too many others whose mom's didn't care enough to even try.

I'm not sure I believe she knows what I am saying or thinking now.  She died six years ago, but I know.  My mom made me who I am today.  I only hope my own children think I was, and am, as good a mother to them as she was to me.

(Picture from a Passover Seder.  Passover is the time of year I miss her the most.)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute.....

Po'd Daughter said...

You are mom. Andy and I always say how lucky we are. Thanks Mom for everything!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, you received the greatest gift for mothers day !(above).

I share your thoughts, I too realized as an adult all the things my mom gave to me and thank her now for making me into the adult and mom I am. I too lost my mom several years ago but want to believe she knows!