Friday, May 10, 2013

Grammar Not An Issue

I remember way back when I got my license to teach, I took a comprehensive exam, part of which included an essay.  Grammar counted.

Grammar doesn't matter anymore.  If it did, how could a person who doesn't know any become a teacher, let alone an administrator.  Below are excerpts from a department memo.
Please encourage those of your students who are boarder line passing or almost passing to attend tutoring on Saturdays.

Since a lot of students showed up, we need to stagger them so that the teacher is not overwhelmed.
some students were programmed into none AP ...

I just spoke to the Principal about the double period classes we intend of offer. I was under the wrong impression. We, as a department, will make a decision together as to how we will proceed. We want to make sure these students were prepared for ...

(Subjects deleted to protect the identity of the memo writer)

(picture from 5/4 Yankee game--more posted here.  free tickets, field level courtesy of Delta airlines)


ChiTown Girl said...

Ok, just reading that gave me a headache. >:(

How have you been, my friend. I miss you. Have a beautiful Mother's Day!

burntoutteacher said...

At the high school I spent most of my teaching career, my beloved AP (you can be friends with an administrator, so long as you do your job and not expect favoritism) would circle all the grammar and spelling errors in the semi-literate principal's memos and distribute that one to us in the English department. Mean, sure, but that Principal Academy non-teacher was asking for it! We almost started looking forward to the principal's idiotic mandates.