Monday, May 06, 2013

Teacher Apprecialtion

The teachers at Packemin are getting a treat with their lunch today, something special to show appreciation.  I'm guessing they are getting a piece of cake or some candy.  It might even be a special red pen.

There are a lot sweeter ways for the administration to show appreciation.  They can start by stopping the constant walk throughs, especially on half days and days before and right after vacations.  If they don't know by now who is doing their job and who isn't, they should not be administrators.  They can stop showing favoritism to certain teachers.  They can stop the verbal abuse and the screaming and yelling.  They should stop insisting every teacher have 100% passing in every class.

In other words, administrators should become humans and start treating teachers they way they want to be treated.  Keep the cake and bring on the humanity.


Disgusted Diva said...

Sounds like Packemin and its "leadership" are all about teacher depreciation 24/7!!

burntoutteacher said...

I remember at my last school, teacher appreciation consisted of a box of donuts with a little card left on the table in the teacher's lounge in the morning. My last year at this school from hell, we all refused to touch them and returned them uneaten to the office. Point made.

Ms. Faugno said...

Our teacher appreciation today was a lunch provided by the folks at Educators 4 Excellence! How slimy is that? I took the sandwich because I was hungry and left.

Anonymous said...

"Do unto others as others do unto you".....ah..apparently these administrators failed to forget this.

Speaking of the complete opposite, 3 weeks ago, I got pulled into the principal's office where she commended me on working well with her staff on the first day of the ELA.
This was nice, especially since my former crazy principal used to push into my classroom and nit-pick over everything I was doing.

~ TG

ed notes online said...

So how does E4E get official entry into a school? Maybe Ed Notes should treat a school to lunch (a small one) and see if the DOE allows it.