Monday, May 20, 2013

Barbecue Time

Several years ago, a math teacher was very upset about barbecues her supervisor was having.  She was never invited.  He told her his yard was small and he only invited his friends.  She told him she thought she was his friend but he said his house and his guest list.  She wouldn't give up pestering him for a future invite.  I think he might have eventually given in.

These "invite only" parties caused lots of bad feelings in the department.  The blatant favoritism was not good for morale and it took a toll of the staff.  Something must have happened because this year's invite just went out and almost the entire department was invited.  I did notice at least two names missing, the names of senior teachers.  Those who have been around will have to get their Memorial Day hot dogs else where.

(Long Island City and Roosevelt Island pictures here.)

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