Friday, May 24, 2013

There Is Hope


My faith in today's high school students is restored.

I spent the afternoon tutoring a wonderful ninth grade student.  Her dad called me yesterday and asked if I could fill in as her regular tutor wasn't available and she has a final Thursday. I have watched from afar as she grew from a little girl into a wonderful teenager but I can't even recall one word we ever spoke.  At first she was reserved.  I worried that the session would be difficult, but that changed immediately as soon as we got to work.

Getting back to the topic. This young student had study sheets with topics to go over.  She had index cards with the things she needed to get help with.  She had graph paper, a compass and a calculator.  She praised the guide her teacher gave them to study with even though she wasn't crazy about the teacher or his tests. Her questions and her responses to certain things showed that she studied hard, did homework and paid attention in class.  She reminded me of the kind of student I was in high school.

As I wrote, my faith is restored.  There are bright, motivated kids around ready to insure the future of  this county.

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