Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Guidance Counselors--Another Place Bloomberg Destroyed Education

Yesterday, the last day of my retired teacher class, I reminisced about old times with several of the teachers  One of my classmates told me she was a former guidance counselor.  We talked about the "good old days" when guidance counselors actually knew something about what went on in the classroom.  They had to teach for several years before they could apply for the cushy job that gave them an office, a desk and no work to take home.

As we spoke I told her about some of the colorful group fulfilling that job now.  I told her of the two who were busy decorating their offices for the holiday and could not be bothered going after the student who sat crying in my class the period before.  I told her of the counselor who would call for a student, but, the phone call was as far as she would go.  It was too much effort to make the trek from her office to the second floor.  I told her how they could send out e-mails, expect immediate answers but were always too busy to answer the ones the teachers sent.  I told her about the big group luncheons and the major times during the day the guidance office was uncovered for emergencies and the counselor that was pissed he had to deal with a possible suicide when he was the only one around.  I told her about the office used as a hang out for kids who did not want to go to class.

They aren't all as clueless as this group, but too many fall into this category for comfort.

Another bonus of the Bloomberg administration!


Anonymous said...

Let me tell you about the counselor that I spoke to about a student who was misplaced in my class. She, never having taught before, questioned my years of teaching by informing me that, "Learn how to differentiate." What nerve! She had been a counselor for 3 years and a teacher of NONE!

What about another counselor who ALL the kids hate. She has many Emotionally Disturbed students on her case load. If the student doesn't show up for sessions she is allowed to drop their services! It is amazing!

Yes, all those people who DON'T wish to work should aspire to become a guidance counselor!

burntoutteacher said...

How about the guidance counselor at my last school, now under investigation thank heaven, who managed to graduate ALL the seniors despite more than half of them having huge holes in their transcripts weeks before graduation? No concern about what that diploma means (or in this case doesn't mean).

Anonymous said...

My friend is a guidance counselor in West Harlem and still going strong 5 years later...and she does so much for that school...and blows out 10 fires day (which is considered a good day for her)

~~ TG

Anonymous said...

and she has a degree in guidance too...