Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Path To Administration


Unhappy in the field of finance, the man decided to become a teacher.
TFA did not want him so he bit the bullet and paid for the courses he needed to get teaching certification.
After completing the course, he went to the two good schools in the area and applied for a job.  He kept on the APs case until a position opened up.
He took his licensing exam and failed.
A kindly older teacher took pity on him and tutored him so he could pass.
He taught 5 classes for a while, crying quickly when a student was difficult.
He taught 7/0 = 0 and thanked the teacher who corrected his mistake. He promised to correct his mistake with the students.
He got tired of being in the classroom and decided to take administration courses.
He became a dean to gain internship hours.
He liked the power of walking the halls and telling everyone what to do.
He got his degree without buying a single book and by using borrowed papers.
He got passed over for an administrative position he wanted and cried.
He became an administrator in a department he knew nothing about
He picked the brains of experienced teachers to learn what he needed to survive.
He has done all he can to make these experienced teachers leave so he can surround himself with newbies who know less than he knows.
He cares nothing for the children he is in charge of.
He has done so many immoral and illegal things to make himself look good that they are impossible to list.

This is one person.  How many other administrators out there are like him?  Too many, I am sure.  Administrators used to be educators.  That is a term no one would ever use to describe this guy.


burntoutteacher said...

You could have been describing my old principal except that he was never a teacher,and instead graduated from the absurd principals' academy. But the portrait is all too accurate. I cry for the future of public education.

Anonymous said...


~~ TG