Sunday, May 19, 2013

Back Up Your Words Mr. Education Mayor

Now Bloomberg is encouraging high school students to become plumbers instead of going to college. Aside from the hypocrisy of the college readiness programs he has been pushing for years, he should be smart enough to know plumbing, or any trade, requires intelligence, skill and lots of hard work.  It is not for everyone, although he might feel anyone who can't make it in college could be a plumber.

If Bloomberg really believes in vocational education, why, in his 11 years as the education mayor has he not initiated one program to help train students in these fields?  Why has he continued this asinine testing program which just turns kids off and away from school?  Why has he allowed and encouraged programs that graduate everyone regardless of what they have learned or of how often they attended class?  Why has he created a generation of children who feel they are entitled to everything yet have done nothing to earn anything?  How can people like this be prepared to do the hard physical labor required of plumbers when they have never dirtied their hands for anything.

Bloomberg is right.  We need plumbers, electricians, carpenters, hair dressers, cooks, and endless other occupations that do not require college.  But, these jobs require education and a work ethic which is something he has cheated 11 years of students out of.  Shame on him for throwing out ideas he has refused to support.


burntoutteacher said...

When I first started teaching at South Shore HS in Brooklyn in the late 1980's, the school had the most amazing tech facilities; a huge automotive lab, a woodworking lab, an electronics lab, etc. The tech programs were amazing BUT were being phased out. Colleagues in other schools were seeing their culinary programs and nursing programs and cosmetology programs cut. None of us understood this. I wish I could blame Bloomberg for this, but the idea that all kids must go on to college started before him. He has just brought that idea to a ridiculous extreme. There is no reason why a high school diploma can't be a ticket to a well-paying technical profession. As it is right now a high school diploma is meaningless -- it doesn't even reflect seat time anymore!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog and comment as well! Well said to the both of you-TRUE, TRUE and TRUE