Friday, December 21, 2012

Teacher Value


Letters, like the ones below are what keep me in the classroom.  This teacher, gets lots of these letters too.  Too bad her administration doesn't value her half as much as her students do.

Hey professor, its  John Smit again. I just wanted to write to you to say
thank you. Thank you for being so understanding during my time of hardship and
being so supportive. You are a truly caring and kind hearted person, that I'm
very thankful for. I feel that your positive attitude and faith in me was what
helped me improve in your class and bring my grades up. So I just wanted to
really say thank you and it was my pleasure to be a student of yours.

How are you Professor.POd I really appreciate your time and effort you give
to your students. Giving opportunities to everyone in class is a memory that won't
be forgotten. Thank you very much for telling me where I am and how well I have
to do on the final, I am going to work harder than I did before.

Hi Professor,

I just wanted to say thank you for everything, I had a great time in your class. Every class that we had together was very interesting. I learned a lot. Just wanted to ask you something if you can pull up my grades for this term up until now, just so i can calculate and confirm my transfer application. Thank you professor once again. I also would like to apologize for skipping some parts of the class, as i had wrote on my last test that we took yesterday, i regret leaving. You are a great professor and i really respect you, and because of that i would like to apologize. The relation between a teacher and a student is like no other relation. Please accept my apology, and keep the grudges away from your heart about me. I would say you were the best out of all my classes this semester. Hope we can keep in touch. Thank you again, and hope you have a great vacation and hope you and your family have great success and all the best for the future. My prayers will always be with you. Take Care

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ChiTown Girl said...

Thank God for students like these. Very sweet.