Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dehumanization New Administrative Requirement


The AP is constantly beating up on one of the teachers in his department.  Even if his criticism is on target, it comes out of his mouth and anyone in its path feels like they have been hit by an 18 wheeler.  The teacher has been so emotionally destroyed that it is impossible to take in anything the AP says.

Administrators are supposedly in place to help teachers.  I don't know when dehumanization became a licensing requirement.


AP for hire said...

Exactly how the teachers feel at my school!

Anonymous said...

As a retired teacher, with nearly 30 years under my belt, I developed over time, the sense to stay the hell away from my AP, and never hang out in the department office. Of course, I was always cordial, but If I had to run anything off, I always took the master with me, and unless, my AP stuck a cannon up nose, I never volunteered any of my materials.

I continue to teach one course in one of the CUNY schools. In one of the discussions I hold with my class,I always tell them the same thing....."The principal is not your pal" Neither is the Assistant Principal. The system is not set up this way. The superintendent is at the beck and call of the Chancellor, the principal answers totally to the superintendent, the assistant principal answers to the principal, etc. etc. The principal will back up the assistant principal, no matter how wacky they may be. If your AP insists that the earth is flat, you will be written up for trying to prove otherwise.