Saturday, December 08, 2012

Enjoying Life


In my quest to do as much new stuff as possible, I signed up to test products for Good Housekeeping.  Oh, don't worry about ill side effects.  Everything I am testing is already on the market. Good Housekeeping, similar to Consumer's, rates these items and its the rating on their web sites and in their magazine.  I even purchased a hand held vacuum cleaner because real people like me found it to be excellent at what it was supposed to do.

Soon after registering, I got a questionnaire to  fill out and then a request that I set up an appointment to test an anti aging cream.  I figured, why not?  Any anti aging stuff I try can't hurt.  So, on a Thursday morning I made my way down to Good Housekeeping headquarters to begin.

The Hearst Building is ultra secure.  To gain entry I had to go to a desk, present a picture ID and given them the name and extension of the person I had to see.  I then passed by another guard and was shown to the elevator to the 29th floor.  I have never met such a warm, friendly group of security people.  They made me feel like I was going to visit family.  When the elevator opened on the 29th floor I was met by the woman I was assigned to.  First she had me sit in a room to adjust my body temperature.  She then tested the elasticity (or no elasticity) of my face and then took pictures of my face from all angles.  To say the camera showed every flaw would be an understatement.  Let's just say the witch from Hansel and Gretel was not as scary as these images.  I was then given the test cream and an eye serum and told to help myself to some products from their goodie drawers.  I go back in 4 weeks to see if eye product worked and 8 weeks for the cream.

On the way out I stopped their photo galleries.  One covered Popular Mechanics and the other Diane Vreeland from Harper's Bazaar.  Both were great.  Unfortunately they are only open to people who are in the building already and you can't just walk off the street and enter.

While in the area, I got to see

Bloomingdale's Windows
Central Park
Mckenzie-Childs (57th between 5th and 6th)

Public Walkway Sculpture between 56th and 57th near 5th Ave
Rockefeller Center tree

Train Exhibit at Grand Central

More pics at another time.  I can't bring myself to put them up until I go through them all. 


Anonymous said...

Good for you. Always enjoy stopping by your blog. Did you sign the MORE petition? Im sure you did. Be well!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are enjoying yourself. The volunteering for Good Houskeeping sounds like fun.
I am doing something similar at my dermatologist's office for a research clinical trial. Trust me, and the pictures they take are not so pleasant either.