Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Make Education Real


Schools spend so much time on test prep and this causes them to lose sight of what education should be all about.  There is no time for trips, trips that might actually make kids appreciate what they are learning because they will see first hand where those skills can be applied and that the jobs they want require the knowledge that they now deem useless.

Today I stopped at the museum at  FIT to see an exhibit on Technology and Fashion.  I've taught many kids who were interested in pursuing a career in the fashion world and could not understand how math or science would help.  If only they had access to something like this, they would see how others used the skills they are scoffing at learning to become important in the fields they love.

Schools are so consumed with evaluating students and with teaching them to bubble in the correct response, activities like trips to see real life applications do not exist.  It's sad.  So many kids will never reach their full potential because they are being stifled in the classroom.

(Picture taken in front of Flat Iron Building.   Everyone could take a free picture with winter scene.  I love the city this time of year.)

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