Friday, December 14, 2012

Glory Be--It is Not The Teacher's Fault


Tonight and tomorrow night are make up classes for the days we missed due to the hurricane.  Today, I had full classes and expect full classes tomorrow.  Is it because I am a good teacher?  NO!!  I got lucky this term and got great classes, full of kids who want to do well.  Both of these groups do homework, study and ask good questions.  They take advantage of the math lab and go for extra help when needed.  They showed up tonight because school is important to them. It's not me, it's them.

The college understands that our classes are mixed bags and the results we get are no indication of our ability to engage and teach.  No one will walk around the building talking about a veteran teacher who only got 92% to pass while a new one got them all to pass.  They don't want shenanigans with grades.  They only want the ones who deserve to move on moving on.

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