Friday, December 07, 2012

Contradictory Information


The Principal says quarterly grades are not to be averaged cumulatively.  The  AP sends out a memo telling teachers to average the first and second quarter if it helps the students.  So who do the teachers listen to, their immediate supervisor, or the head of the whole school?

The AP also says not to pass kids who haven't passed an exam this quarter but he is worried about giving out too many N's as his students know little math, little English and barely speak their native language and he doesn't want to discourage them with poor grades. He writes that he intends to count everything.

I feel sorry for the teachers in this school and this department.  Following either policy makes them insubordinate to someone.  The AP who causes all the problems seems to be covered in Teflon.  Nothing sticks.  He gets away with it all.  Or maybe I am just misinterpreting.  Maybe I am the one who needs help.  I wonder if the Principal read his latest memo.

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