Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ladley Ladle

My daughter loves to cook.  (She doesn't get this love from me.)  Soups and chili are some of her passions and her boyfriend bought her a really big pot to use for these creations.  Now she has been on a mission to find a big ladle, or a "ladley ladle" as she calls it.  The handle had to be long and the bowl deep and large.  Up until now she has had no success finding one.

Over the weekend I came up with the idea of trying a restaurant supply store.  I hit the jackpot.  They had ladles almost as big as my child.  I think I found her the perfect one (pictured on the left next to a normal ladle.)  The bowl holds eight ounces and the handle is long enough to hit the bottom of the deepest pots.

We'll see her in Texas for a wedding next week.  I am packing it now so I won't forget to bring it for her.

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Anonymous said...

thats what moms are for and you are the best