Monday, November 19, 2012

Honey Works

The college is having us make up days missed because of Sandy.  It means working days we don't usually work and even coming in weekends.

A colleague I worked with at Packemin works with me at the college.  Her feelings about these make up days and mine are pretty much the same.  We both love our time at this school.  We are treated with respect and treated well.  We don't mind doing the extra days, even if it means weekends. 

It is easier to catch bees with honey than vinegar.  Too bad this lesson is one missing in the administration school courses taken by most of the administrators I came in contact with when I taught high school.

(Picture of dancing girl getting some repairs in Macy's window.)

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TheHouse said...

I marvel at how welcome a "you do a great job" really is...