Tuesday, November 27, 2012

College Readiness and an AP's Point of View


CUNY has changed their criteria for what makes a student college ready.  They realize kids are coming in after graduating from high school and passing regents knowing nothing and the failure rate is abysmal.  The high school now knows it must do something about this as part of its ratings will be how college ready their graduates are. 

Instead of changing the way kids are taught, kids with grades below the CUNY cutoff will be encouraged to retake the exam.  And the point scrubbers will be busy finding those extra points to get them over the mark.  Will they be ready?  No!!!!  Will the school look good on paper?  You better bet it will. Who will be the biggest losers?  The kids of course, they still won't be ready to do college work.

(Post based on a department memo not posted her because it is just too confusing for anyone to understand.)

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