Sunday, November 25, 2012

Diamond or Glass?


Dahlia wants to transfer to a four year university.  Too bad she failed the first test, missed the second one, does little to no homework and has to be told to put her phone away constantly.  So, when she came up in the beginning of class and asked me to fill out a recommendation, I told her to sit down and ask again at the end.  I saw no reason to embarrass her in front of everyone with what I had to say.  She said okay and took her seat.  As I walked around helping the students, I noticed Dahlia trying to hide her phone.  All I did was look at her and then look away.  She put the phone away and began working and left without getting her form filled out.

Dilbert also wants to transfer.  And, while he got off to a slow start, he quickly realized the error of his ways and turned himself around.  He has not missed a homework assignment and scored in the high 90's on last exam.  His recommendation got filled out immediately.

Too bad there as so many Dahlia's and so few Dilbert's around.  Hopefully Dahlia will see the error of her ways and end up where she wants to be.  She is bright.  She needs to learn how to use her intelligence the right way.

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