Saturday, November 17, 2012

Leisure Time

I got up early and started planning my day so I could hit all the holiday windows. And then it hit me.  I don't have to see them all in one day.  I could take my time and enjoy my day.  There would be many other days to see the sights.  So, instead of running east to west and back again, I decided to begint he day with a leisurely walk along the High Line.  It was nice to walk without the crowds and the fall colors were beautiful.

So, I started my journey by taking the E train to 14th and 8th and then walking over to !0th to start the High Line walk right from the beginning.  From there I headed across 34th to see Macy's windows and then up to 38th for Lord and Taylor.  I made the error of then going to Grand Central to visit train exibit and subway museum (I was 5 days early so I will have to go back).  From there I hiked to 49th and Broadway and got tickets to see Book Of Mormon and then hit the subway at 51st and 8th.

Here are a few High Line pictures. The others still need some work I'll post a complete set after I see the rest of window displays. 

 Artwork of mirrors and tin
 Avenue School--where rich kids go

Hotel with X rated views.  I only saw a housekeeper making beds.

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