Sunday, November 04, 2012

Internet Cafe

Internet Cafe is the affectionate name I have given a dear friend's home.  Their Verizon cable is up and running and they are graciously sharing.  For some reason my I-pad won't let me post so now I am even on their computer.

Bloomberg's attempt to run the marathon to portray the city as up and running reminded me of the Nazi's attempt with Terezin to provide the world with a view of how wonderful the Jews were being treated.  Don't jump on me.  I am not comparing Bloomberg to Hitler. Bloomberg, though mean and evil is no Hitler.

For anyone unfamiliar, Terezin was a camp set up to fool the world into believing the Nazi's were improving the lives of Jews. The Red Cross toured and saw pools, hospitals, schools, etc, everything needed for a good life.  Inside Terezin, away from the cameras were the real horrors.

No news on when our Internet will be up and running.  Time Warner just repeats the same message over and over.  I wish they would at least say where they are working and the direction they are going in.  As I walk around the neighborhood and see the devastation on television, I am grateful that all we lost is cable.


Unknown said...

Good that you made it through the hurricane with just a loss of internet. I hope things get up and running back to normal quickly for everyone that affected.

Anonymous said...

I actually disagree here a little with Bloomberg's response to the hurricane. As much as I do not care for Bloomberg, I think he really handled himself well during this natural disaster emergency. I also understand where and why he as well as the city thought maybe they should go ahead with the NYC Marathon. While I was always against continuing to hold the marathon, I get the idea of why they were trying to keep it was another way to keep morale and inspiration, during this destructive time in NYC..but in the end, (even though it was a late decision) was a wise decision...

**And yes, the very few times I actually agree with Bloomberg is when there is a full moon out and there was one last week..

burntoutteacher said...

I left this on my facebook page yesterday morning but when I read Magnolia Girl's comment today, I had to post it here.
So Moneybags Bloomberg finally did something right by canceling the Marathon. But he has done so much wrong in this storm recovery. If this had been his first term, he would never have been re-elected.
First he refused to have FEMA come in when they offered before the storm hit. Then he refused to allow the National Guard in. He told Obama to go elsewhere. He repeatedly insulted reporters at his briefings -- the one that I found most arrogant was his response to a reporter who asked about heat for those facing the coming frigid temperatures. King Bloomberg said that it was ridiculous, that the temperatures weren't going to be frigid and that they should just put on extra sweaters and bundle up. WTF? People with no dry clothes? And since when is upper 30's not frigid? Is this the "let them eat cake" philosophy of the out-of-touch rich?
Then he failed to visit the most devastated of sections of the City, refused to even understand how badly off so many New Yorkers are even now, almost a week later. He ordered teachers, dealing with major major losses of their own, with no gas and no cars and no electricty or heat or hot water, with no way to get to there, to report to work for no reason whatsoever, other than to flex his anti-union muscle. Teachers weren't informed except in an email at almost midnight that arrival time was delayed two hours. That same email, contained notice of the schools that were too damaged to hold them and that they were to go elsewhere. Really, a midnight email about work the next morning? And how many teachers don't have internet connections or electricity?
He mishandled the commutes this week -- sitting in traffic for three hours is not getting the City back to work whatever he might think. and how about the poor drivers who were told the day before that entrance into the City via the Geo Washington Bridge would be unrestricted, but then how many of them were turned away by police with the wrong information?
And now are we supposed to say, "hallelullah! He cancelled the Marathon, how good of him"? He cancelled it AFTER how many thousands of runners had already come to the City? After the generators and portable toilets were located not where they were needed so badly but in Central Park or near the Verrazano for the runners. Did he order that the chefs and food supplies for the runners be redirected to the Rockaways or Gerritsen Beach or Coney Island where some people haven't eaten in days and days???? No. Does he even realize how difficult life is for those in high rises in his beloved Manhattan who are older, invalids with no way to walk down or up, with no heat, no food?
I am proud to be a New Yorker when it comes to seeing how well people have taken care of one another, when I see how positive and thankful those most hurt are. But I am angry and embarrassed that the man who leads the most powerful and important city in the world is such a douchebag.

Pissedoffteacher said...

Thank you burnt out. You said what I would have if I had real computer access.