Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Advice To New Teachers Or How To Beat An Ogre

Some administrators are quite overbearing with their demands and, even when you know the correct thing to do you are afraid to do it because of repercussions from your supervisor.  Here is one little tip, something to use to get over a difficult AP.

It was never easy to change a grade once it was given.  Administrators don't always agree with the reasons for the change.  They have a way of making teachers feel stupid for changing the grade.  They never make mistakes and teachers shouldn't either.  And, if a mistake is made, it never should be admitted.  But, I learned early on that it was easy to get the grade changed without letting the person in charge know it is being changed.  All anyone needs  to do is go to a friendly guidance counselor or someone who works in the program office.  One little click and the grade is changed and the AP will never be any wiser.

Micro managers need to be managed.  Hope this advice helps.  I thought it was necessary to share after reading this.

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