Monday, July 25, 2011

Choose Your Friend's Wisely

I never understood why a principal,or any boss for that matter would want to be Facebook friends with someone who worked for them (or why anyone would want to be friends with their boss either) but my daughter set me straight on the former.

When two people are Facebook friends they have access to each others personal data.  The principal or boss can keep a blank page giving no one access to their personal information and at the same time learn who the employee hangs out with, what he does on his free time, and what she is interested in.  Many have gotten in serious trouble because of this page.

As for a teacher friending a principal?  What for?  Brownie points?  The friendship won't get you anywhere.  My advice--DON'T DO IT!


Anonymous said...

What about making FB friends with principals 'spies' or as I call them 'court jesters'. They also get information that gets sent directly back to principal/boss. We all know that this has happened numerous times already with teachers,regardless if its serious or completely bogus.

More advice, its not just the principals to watch out for on FB, but their little winged monkeys/spies too.

Anonymous said...

My former principal, who retired the same time I did, is my FB friend. We are friends in real life, too. He is a nice man who worked very hard for the inner city school where we both spent so many years, me 21, him 13. I often met with the principal, in his office, on school business. We agreed to disagree. But, in the end, he was the boss and I did as he told me. I knew he was always on my side and would do whatever it took for kids to get the best deal. We still believe that is an important goal, even though we are gone from the school site. I'm glad we're FB friends.

Anonymous said...

This happened to me last year. My comment was NOT hurtful just playful, none the less my boss "defriended" me. He told me that it was inappropriate for him to be friends with his workers. I agreed. Now I find that he is friends with most of the employees EXCEPT me! Not only is Facebook inappropriate but it is also very hirtful! It is best to keep off it. I deleted my account a long time ago.