Saturday, August 14, 2010

With Money Comes Strings

When you take money from someone, that someone has a hold on you. They get to tell you what you can or can't do, what you can or can't eat and even when you can or can't go to the bathroom. I know I am exaggerating but fact is fact. My friend's parents used to support her, even though she was an adult and the restrictions they put on her were unbelievable. They had no idea as to the life a young adult woman led.

The Feds are becoming like my friend's parents. They are giving money to some failing schools to keep them afloat but the money is not coming without the strings. And, like my friend's parents, the Feds have no idea as to what the schools need. These government officials are making policies that have little or nothing to do with education. I was told by someone in the know that "they are making this stuff up as they go along."

Staff and administrators are being let go indiscriminately. We all have to worry. No one is safe. The "A" school of today might end up being the "D" school of tomorrow. Our only hope is to keep ahead of the times. We have to make sure we are self supporting to make sure we keep self governing.
(Picture--Saranac at 6:30 AM)

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Profesora de espaƱol said...

"They are making this stuff up as they go along." I've only been in education for 6 years, but I've believed this from day one!