Sunday, August 29, 2010

Home Again

We just got home from Baltimore and although I am tired, the draw of the computer is stronger than the draw to my bed where my husband and cat are peacefully snoring away. (We were originally coming back tomorrow but the thought of Sunday traffic scared us into leaving early.)

Surprisingly, I took very few pictures. We really didn't do much that was picture worthy. The trip was great nevertheless. We got to spend lots of time with both kids and their very special friends. I put the few pics I took on here. My son and his girl friend are posted below. (None this time of daughter.)

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ed notes online said...

My friends' son just moved to Baltimore on his first job after graduation in June. He really seems to like it. And my old friends from college have a daugher living there with hubby and a year old. Love it too. Seems like a good place to live.