Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trying To Make Sense Out Of It

Today, instead of harassing my son on facebook, I decided to look at the AP planning reports sent by College Board to see how my kids did in relation to others who took the exam. Yes, I know, I am giving too much credit to statistics but curiosity gets the better of me all the time. Unlike the Obama administration, I don't believe the scores have all that much to do with what I do or don't do and I don't believe my analysis of them will do anything to improve the scores in the future, I wanted to look.

In the overall score distribution, my students did better than those who took the exam in every quartile but the fourth. We did the same in the free response category. Many of my kids are new in the country and English is a problem--could be there problem on free response questions. For those not statistically inclined, we had fewer ones and twos and more threes and fours, but we fell short in the upper quartile. My kids kicked ass in the multiple choice category, beating the global percentages in the entire upper half.

Enough boring stuff. I just posted a bunch of pictures I took from the air while flying from Eilat to Tel Aviv on facebook . The picture above was taken in the Golan Heights. The Israeli's are not removing the mine fields as they do not need the land and having them is place is good for defense.

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