Sunday, November 15, 2009

Today's Completed Goals

1. Got my dad to come over and spend the day.

2. Picked up Thanksgiving turkey.

3. Marked and entered grades for two sets of tests.

4. Wrote three college letters (bringing my total so far this term to 15)

5. Straightened out notebooks for two of my four classes.

6. Wrote up exam for college class.

7. Cooked dinner for tomorrow night.

8. Checked up on my airline tickets as I never received e-mail confirmation. (Continental is unbelievably helpful.)

9. E-mailed useless, (I meant useful) goal lists to a college student.

10. Made myself a real lunch for tomorrow.

11. Wrote lessons for 5 out of 6 classes.

One more goal left for tonight--tomorrow's geometry lesson.

Maybe this goal thing is not such a bad idea after all.

1 comment:

Rick Patterson said...

You make me feel guilty.
I tend to borrow my lesson plans from the flight plan pasted to my butt.
Somehow the classes get taught, and apparently they are taught pretty well too.
Go figure.
The word verification is mantwa:
As in Elmer Fudd goes in for transcendental meditation.