Saturday, November 14, 2009

Living Without Pain

For the first time in over a year, I was back in the trailer, albeit temporarily. I was covering a class for my friend who will return on Monday.

I used to love being in the trailer, in spite of all the problems. It was nice to get a breath of fresh air, even in the rain and it was even nicer to get away from the noise and the prying eyes of the building. When Suit took the trailer away, I was unhappy with my undeserved punishment (the only way he could get me to stop complaining about security was to remove me from the situation.) It didn't take me long to adjust to the building comforts. It is nice not to have to carry my coat all day long and when I need something from the office, the office is right next door.

Day one in the trailer and I am with the pounding drums of the JROTC marching band and the balls banging against the walls of the handball court. Day two I am hit with rain and no coat or umbrella. Being away for so long made me forget I needed to be prepared. While the trailer bathrooms are working, the water fountains are not. Day three I notice the security booth I fought for is still empty and there is not a safety officer or a dean to be seen either before or after the class.

Being in the trailers for so long reminded me of the fibroid tumor I lived with for many years. The pain and the discomfort was something I grew used to and tolerated. It wasn't until the tumor was removed that I realized how bad I was feeling for years. Suit, in his attempt to punish actually rewarded me. Knowing he did something good for me would probably make him ill. Too bad he doesn't read this blog.


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I love it when punishments backfire!

Suit Lover said...

Nice post, PO'ed!