Thursday, November 19, 2009

No Excuses

There are no excuses for not giving ISS students all the services they are entitled to but the excuses for not giving me IEPs were flying today. And, the excuses for the poor way these IEPs were delivered were also liberally doled out.

It turns its all my fault. I wanted these documents. I wanted to see what the parents of my students were talking about during parent teacher conferences.


Anonymous said...

first time you cared so much. last time you expressed it was a waste of your time. Good Thing the UFT actually cared about ISS was all it took to motivate teachers to look at IEPs. That is what the shame of this entire thing is.

Anonymous said...

one of your posts you call IEPs "Instead of reading those worthless pieces of paper,".

Nice.... but since the UFT told you should care about IEPs... you do.

Pissedoffteacher said...

Or maybe this is the first time I have so many students with IEPs and parents that actually expected me to have read them.

And, most of what I have read has been a waste of time. I've found conflicting information, missing information and incorrect information. I'm still looking for some way to help these kids which is probably a lot more than you are doing.

Anonymous said...

If you really wanted to help, you would offer some constructive criticism as opposed off jumping on a phony bandwagon.

as for what is being done - empowering your colleagues to help solve these issues that have existed for years is what I have done.

And you probably have had students with IEPs your entire career but the UFT never told you to care until this year.