Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Language of An ISS Child

Imagine what you would feel like if you only spoke Klingon but had to take courses given only in English. Imagine what it would feel like every time you had to open a book and a teacher demanded that you read it. Imagine what it iwould be like sitting in a class and having no idea as to what everyone around you was saying.

Now, think about that special education student who reads at a second grade (or lower level) and is in a mainstream class. It doesn't matter that it is a team teaching class and that a special education teacher is present. That poor child has no more hope of understanding than the individual who only understands Klingon. Education is supposed to prepare a child for life. What is this kid being prepared for? Even if he manages to pass (by being pushed along), what has he learned? Why are the schools allowing this to happen? Is it a money thing? Is that all that all that matters?

(The teacher who inspired this post is ready to jump out a window because of her frustration with the situation--only a figure of speech.)

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