Tuesday, November 03, 2009

It Takes Time, We're Working On It

I took the advice of some of the commenters and questioned the ISS supervisor about IEPS, particularly my concerns about not being given needed information and being given incorrect information. And she said, "We're working on it." We have over 300 IEPs. It takes time."

Can I tell the admins I have over 130 students and it takes time to do grades and attendance? Can I tell parents I am working on lessons, it takes time? Can my students tell me they have 7 other classes besides mine, it takes time to do their assignments, but they are working on it?

It is already November 3. She promises an IEP PD in December, that is four months after the start of school, four months of services students are being deprived of. But, it takes time, the solution is being worked on.

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NYC Educator said...

They've been working on it for eight years, and are now preparing to do so for another four.