Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Love Letter

I got a letter from my rap girl. This letter really made me smile. Don't let the grammar and computer abbreviations fool you. This kid is brilliant. She can write with the best of us. She is going to be an awesome doctor.

omg ms. po'd you don't even know how much i miss u! I wish i had gotten to write this email faster, but i've had like a shit load of work to do! -_-

Let me tell u a bit about sophie davis....I realized i like signed my soul off to the devil sometimes, because its SO HARD! ugh i noe nothing is EZ, but still, some of these professors need a life other than distrubing mine lol

With all that negativity said, I actually like it here alot! My dorming experience is great, although sometimes I miss home a lot, and PackEMin! I came to the pep rally hoping to see you there...but you weren't (of course). I wanna visit soon, but I swear its like everytime im done with one test, another midterm comes outta nowhere!

So let me tell you a bit about my grades....*clearing throat*

THEY SUCK! I've never done so bad in my life and accepted it...
Everyone gets the same grades..its insane...like we all get a 68 in physics and its a PARTAYY, so idk whether that's good or bad, but I mean, I always strive to do my best!

I just took a bio midterm and i got a 90 :) im so proud i feel like i got a 10000 lol ALL my classes are junior level classes, except our stupid freshmen seminar class, ugh that class is so stupid, we have this 35 year old "know it all" teaching us about MLA citation, when he doesn't even know what he's talking about. lol

I mean I guess I'm complaining alot, but to be completly honest, i would have it no other way, well maybe phyiscs could be easier (im like gettin a C in that class) <--b/c this asian teacher talks as if were chinese and his tests are in another language! BUT ANYWAZ, i miss u, i miss calculus, speaking of calculus, guess WHAT IM MINORING IN?!?! MAth! lol i don't know for sure yet, but im leaning towards a minor in either math or managment/administration, either way, i gotta take a couple of calculus classes lol But yea, I hope ur doing well! How are your new AP classes? are they as charming as us..i doubt it :) so that is my experience of the past few months in a nutshell, Im so glad i finally got to writting this, cuz i didn't want you to think i forgot about u! K and I speak of u ALL the time! lol He says hi btw, but hes in phyiscs rite now i think...I acutally just got outta phyiscs and I'm waiting to be tutored in phyiscs bc im doing so well in that class -_-. lol I LUV U MS. POd! <3>

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ChiTown Girl said...

This is seriously one of the sweetest things I've read in a while. You are very loved, Ms. POd!!