Tuesday, November 03, 2009


ARIS says the kid has an IEP. The ISS supervisor says he doesn't have one.

Who do I believe?

If I take away his extended time, will I be in violation of the law?

Damn you ARIS, the more I know,the more confused I get.


Mr. Talk said...

ARIS is God. You will follow ARIS.

(At least the paper trail will CYA. I doubt the supervisor will)

NYC Educator said...

I would most certainly rely on ARIS in this case.

Pissed Off said...

I just sent an e-mail to ISS dept requesting verification in writing. I cc'd letter to my AP and principal. I am going to CYA, its big and needs all the covering it can get.

Anonymous said...

We had this problem at my school. We found out that the child in my case had an IEP until 6th grade. Yet in all the wisdom of the system, ARIS will *never* take away the IEP designation, even though he was decertified years ago.

What in the world??

Anonymous said...

check with the AP of special education.....sometimes it is true, the st4udent may have been decertified. In some cases with decertification the testing mods stay with the student until after graduation from high school. In other cases not yet Aris holds the IEP on file.

Anonymous said...

That AP is ostracized by the entire staff, and for good reason. She can't get along with anyone, she can't be trusted as far as you can throw her, and there isn't a single teacher in the department who doesn't know more than her about regulations.