Monday, November 09, 2009


A reader needs advice, and from reading his letter, this is an issue we will all face soon.

-Hi POed,

Need to pick your brain again.

High School -- At a meeting we were told by an AP that we can no longer give grades of 45 or 50. That the only options open to us were a 40 for a no-show or a 55 for everyone else. Now I immediately knew that meant every kid with even a little seat time would now be eligible for "credit recovery", the biggest scam since the first con artist tried to sell the Brooklyn Bridge. I argued (hothead that I am) but was threatened with "I will have to tell the principal about you." He insisted that the NYState regs require only those two grades be given. I insisted that I need to see those regs before I would give a 55 to a kid who did no work all semester.

I have been googling all morning, trying to find anything, anything at all about grades either on the DoE website or the state ed website. I know that the contract reads something about teacher discretion but the union is useless at my school anyway.

Any ideas for me?

Thanks for your help/advice in the past.

Oh and yes of course you may share this info on your blog if you like, just don't mention the school.


Ricochet said...

Different counties around here have tried the "no grade less than a 60" - the kids will sit there, do nothing, and say "you have to give me a 60". It is too easy for them tohem to bring a bunch of 60s up to passing - so they do squat.

I still give zeros - and have them average grades to see what a 0 does to their grade.

Let me know if you find it, 'cause that is one more stupid idea they will force on us.

Anonymous said...

You give the student your professional evaluation and let the suits, hulas, a/ps or snoopervisors change the grades. Othervise, walk into the a/ps office and tell them to do your grades.


Jamon D. Young said...

See things that pisses me off at

mathman42 said...

If absent 30 times or more at end of term give a 40. Comment excessive absences if you have that option. Isn't there a chancellor's reg about excessive absences ?

20 times for 2nd MP.

I changed a grade for a senior who was absent 60 times; never again.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the state addresses the specific numbers in any way, but look:

if a school wanted to grade A, B, C, D, F, Truant, that would certainly fly. I don't see that this is any different.

Your correspondent is annoyed because the teachers had been fighting a guerrilla war, using the 55/50 distinction to block eligibility for CR - good for them! At least until now. Outmaneuvered by their administrator - until they find something else. Perhaps there is a comment code that would serve the same purpose?