Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Letter From A Child

A bunch of us took over our colleague's classes so the kids wouldn't fall behind and more importantly so he would not worry about them and feel a need to rush back.

I took over a class of ninth graders that had no clue as to why he was absent all these days. I told them with as little detail as possible. The kids were devastated and it was almost impossible to keep them focused on work. Instead of forcing the issue, I asked them if they would like to write letters to their teacher. I promised to hand deliver them this afternoon. Although I did not want to invade their privacy, I wanted to make sure there was nothing harmful or hurtful in any of them. Most moved me to tears. This one was particularly poignant.

Dear Mr. XXX,

I feel your pain. Don't worry about us, we have great subs like Mrs. POd who can teach us what we need to know. Worry about yourself and when you feel better we will be expecting you with full smiles. I'm sorry. I know how it is when you lose someone close to you. She's in a better place now and would want you to be happy. We all worry and feel that we want to do more for you. Just feel better. We truly miss you but want you to take some time for yourself. I know it is hard, but feel better. We worry a lot about you and hope that the pain you have in your heart will heal.

9th grade girl

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Anonymous said...

As much as we complain about our pain-in-the-butt students, every now and then they do something truly sincere like this. What a sweet, heartfelt letter. I'm sure Mr. XXX will appreciate it.