Friday, March 15, 2013

My Bargain

I got into Manhattan early Wednesday so I stopped in Macy's to use the bathroom.  The one on the second floor is brand new and beautiful.
The sink has glowing lights underneath, automatic faucet, soap dispenser and hand blower all in one.

Then, I made the error of walking through the shoe department, which is the entire second floor.  I thought I would just browse until I came across the 75% off section with a sign offering an additional 25% on purchases of two or more pairs.

I fell in love with these funky little flats, so different from anything I ever owned, I just had to have them.

 And then I saw these pumps.  I never where heels, I might never wear them but I just had to own them.  And. of course they are red.  I even have several weddings to attend, so they might even get worn.
And, as I was about to pay, I saw these.  They also had to be mine.
The best part of all this is all three pairs only cost me $32!!!!  I will have the best dressed feet for a little bit of money.  The hardest part was sticking to my rule of getting rid of one thing for every new thing I bring home.  (I cheated and got rid of two sweaters and one pair of shoes although it should have been all shoes to hit the give away bag.)



burntoutteacher said...

What happens when you tap your heels together?

Anonymous said...

the shoes are awesome, especially the purple flats. Purple is MY FAVORITE color as red is your favorite.
Also I need to check out the bathrooms at Macys. I need a nice and clean bathroom to go to in the Herald Square too.

Pissed Off said...

Clicking my heels already got me far away from Packemin. I guess they work!