Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vacation Poem

Twas the day before vacation
And all through the school
The APs were cruising
For teachers to bruise.
They began at the top
And strolled every hall
Looking in every room
For the teacher to doom.
In room 304, the kids behaved
So walking in there was nothing they craved.
They passed a few more
And seeing nothing through the door
They went on to another floor.
Then down to floor two
Still searching for something to do
They saw a few kids in the hall
There was a teacher who was now going to fall.
Young men, why aren't you in class?
Is it possible your teacher issued you a pass?
Or are you just roaming the halls?
We'll walk you  back and see how this falls.
They looked in and saw Ms. Bee in the room.
In spite of work on the board, there was a feeling of doom.
Ms. Bee had a lesson and a good plan
But the kids wanted only to play kick the can .
She talked and cajoled.  She continued to scold
But nothing she did could make them care.
Vacation was in the air
And they did not think it was fair
To work so late in the day.
The admins were grinning from ear to ear.
They found what they were looking for, a  teacher to kick in the rear.
They wasted no time
Writing her up for her crime
They claimed that day she did not earn her dime.
And then the bell rang
The kids were sprung
Teachers got a well deserved rest.
Poor Ms. Bee spent her vacation
Because the gotcha squad had done their best.

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burntoutteacher said...

Brava, Ms. P.o.'d!!!!